Model production with model-tray in the digital workflow! Precision milled in your own lab.

With the profiCAD system, we offer a simple solution for precisely milled models from digital data, tailored for the dental technician.

The intraoral scan is imported into the model-tray/profiCAD model design software, where it can be simply and quickly processed. The model is milled in one piece, either as a quadrant or as a full model from a model-tray blank already fitted in a base.

The blank is easy to position in the existing lab milling machine using a model-tray milling receptacle. Control is effected by the profiCAD/CAM software in which the model-tray blank data is already stored.

The special arrangement of the base lamellae guarantees a perfect pinless fit in the tray and ensures the technician familiar handling for the subsequent processing steps. There is neither shrinkage nor expansion. Where necessary or desired, the palate section is also preserved for combined jobs or model analysis. The model can be fixed in any articulator in the familiar way.

The model-tray milling blank made of special milling plaster is available from us directly.

Whether classical or digital - For over 35 years, we have guaranteed practical, high quality products and dimensionally accurate models without pins in simple and time-saving workflows.

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