easy and cost-saving work steps

  • No annoying insertion, drilling or adhesion of pins.
  • Dental arch and base are manufactured in one work step.
  • Up to 75 % in time saving.
  • Particularly suitable for implant models.

true-to-size full model

  • The model-tray full model expands three-dimensionally and evenly.
  • The three-dimensional, even expansion of the plaster in the model-tray by about 0.08 % compensates for the contraction of the impressive mass after removal from the warm oral cavity.
  • Relief cuts to balance dimensional distortions like with plastic-based pin models are not necessary.
  • Because no separate plaster base is manufactured, the undesired secondary expansion is also omitted.

true-to-size overall situation

  • Saw-cut model and counter bite fit together perfectly, because both are manufactured as a full model.
  • The model-tray is equipped with a 45° split-cast and enables good inspection of the bite situation.
  • The roof of the mouth is a part of the model and guarantees the desired model analysis.

highest quality

  • The high-quality polycarbonate of the model-tray enables 5 x use with the highest accuracy.
  • Through thermal expansion, the model-tray precisely adjusts to the expanding plaster model.
  • Stable die segments without being restricted by annoying pins.
  • Implant work can be easily done on the pinless model with integrated base.

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Digital model production

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